Elevated Yoga

Elevated Yoga

22.00 25.00

You're invited to a NEVER DONE BEFORE yoga class with Marissa (New Love Yoga) & special guest Carrie Longmire (CBD oil enthusiast & entrepreneur) to elevate your knowledge of what self care really means. Get to know your body, mind, and spirit in a new way that will bring ease, relaxation, and balance to you life.

Blue Moose bar & grill in east grand forks

There will be three ways to sample the CBD oil

1. Protien balls

2. Peppermint Tea tincture

3. Straight in the mouth! :)

*restorative flow class where we use CBD oil for healing and relaxation

*CBD oil eases anxiety, relieves stress, aches & pains, giving you a felling of whole body wellness

*Try our intro class for $22 register online

$25 at the door

Register @ www.newloveyoga.com

Choose your discount, non-veteran 22.00 or Veteran 11.00:
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